active listener sampler #30

Sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day, that way we could loll around soaking up the chilled intoxicating vibes escaping from the latest Active Listener sampler. Issue #30 maintains the webzines adept ear for sourcing the wheat from chaff, 16 selections and not a duff one in earshot inhabit this latest gathering, a set so vibrant in talent and oozed of tasty ear gear that quite frankly it’s almost impossible in trying to weed out a select platter to serve as a brief appraisal, I mean take for example, there was us adoring of the spacy tripped out psych blues mantra that is ‘in a witch forest’ by Spokraket, a dust dry dead eyed brooder manifesting like some bliss kissed kaleidoscopic high council summit meeting headed up by the Black Angels and Brian Jonestown Massacre. Only before we get to the writing and note scribbling stage the blighter is near finished, we hit the track selection and inadvertently encounter love, hippies and gangsters’ ‘this is what we want’ – a shimmering jangle ju-ju light headed with the hazy glazing of blurry radiant reverbs that in truth wouldn’t look out of place on an ultra vivid scene platter. Somewhere else vintage cucumber – great name eh – have us connecting with our younger selves crouched around the dansette and getting high tuning into the sheens of darkly spun minimalist atmospherics tapering off the groves of Danse Society’s ‘seduction’ albeit here agreeable rephrased through a krautian spin dryer via ‘muttergherz’. Familiar faces loom in the guise of Orgasmo Sonore who you might recall we mentioned a little while back – and yes you’re right they never sent CD’s or download links – another begging missive falling on deaf ears, that said we here are undeterred and not ones for holding grudges though we have whilst listening to ‘electric manages’ subconsciously whittled out a doll in his image – and where did this pin come from? Anyhow this little gem cuts back to the whole golden age of electronic sound heavily inspired don’t you know by that dude Jean Michel Jarre. Moth Effect have, I’m certain, featured many moons long since waxed and waned appearecin these pages at one time or another, ‘fingerbobs’ found here is a cleverly fused psychotropic slice of noir tropicalia that faintly draws the invisible dots between John Barry and the Seahawks while parting heroes the Vigrance here sporting ‘propulsion lab part 1’ do a very neat line in dream gazing fuzzy haloes of the type that once upon time the likes of Creation and Ultimate used to fall over themselves to release in rapid fire quantities for adoring floppy fringed young chaps and chapesses to buy by the bucket load. Those however among you who prefer their listening space somewhat shivered and shimmered in eerie porcelain beauty speckled in suspense and graced in sepia trimmed macabre might find the opening moments of matricians’ ‘things the waves would bring’ hitting the spot that is before matters go all ‘tin drum’ Japan like which in all fairness is no bad thing.  

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