beth jeans houghton

I swear the last time Beth Jeans Houghton sought to trouble these pages, which if I’m recalling rightly was via a brace of well-heeled releases for both static caravan and bird, then I’m certain she never sounded this strung out and in your face. Perhaps that’s what a change of identity does for you, these days signed to Mute, boy they must have wet themselves when she sauntered in declaring a change of name, style and sound, you can see the executives now huddled worryingly around their tablets nervously eyeing old world news reports of Prince’s slavery accusations and wondering where exactly all this was leading. Du Blonde is her newly acquired persona, ‘mind is on my mind’ is her first sonic fruits and there is an album hurtling down the line entitled ‘welcome back to milk’. Well those mute dudes needn’t have worried. Need they? ‘Mind is on my mind’ is, how do we put it mildly, a bit schizophrenic and features guest vocals spots for Samuel T. Herring and in brief sounds not unlike a sermon on initial greeting, the vibe stripped bare to the bone avoiding the usual trappings afforded by the standardised verse chorus verse formatting just assumes a life of its own as the frantic stream of consciousness stumbles, struts and snarls possessed of all the subtlety of a Chieftain Tank as its freewheels through an edgy aural whiplash flavoured in punked out progressive motifs and softly warped psyche tracings.

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