Right – we were going to park this until we had a chance to cobble together an exciting featurette about vinyl only labels, but in truth curiosity got the better of us and like impish nippers on the hunt for birthday presents well we quite frankly couldn’t hold our peace any longer. There will still be the aforementioned vinyl label special of course wherein we’ll revisit these particular gems in more detail, but for now a heads up of what to expect. Castles in Space is a bespoke vinyl only label borne out of the ashes of the celebrated music blog of the same name (now alas defunct). Three releases primed to go live shortly to which we have downloads for the first two, the first of which is by Tauchsieder who head up the labels debut release with three tracks all pressed upon 7 inches of limited wax (300 we believe) all intriguingly on a utilitarian grey splatter colouring and featuring guest appearances by Wire’s Colin Newman on vocals. Drenched in dronal swathes, opening salvo ‘herd the shadows’ courts a stately and stilled bleak beauty, to the rear the calm rage of apocalyptic sunbursts cast out woozy sky torched backdrops framed in a hazy euphoria to the fore in peaceful thought and resigned to his fate, Newman sits squarely at its epicentre diarising the moments to oblivion. Sound wise an essential ear gear happening for those attuned to the likes of Flying Saucer Attack and Hood.


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