two ragged soldiers

Second planned release from Castles in Space comes from duo Two Ragged Soldiers, another proposed 7 inch serving of wax colour not yet decidedly upon as far as we can gather. Two cuts occupy the groove lines, both of which are pencilled in for inclusion on the duo’s forthcoming long player ‘the mass’. Not sure which is the lead out track though I’m guessing ‘water’ if there is any justice in this world. A touchingly frail and tear stained heart string puller, the soft serenade of genuflecting strings teased in Autumnal arrangements and the neo classical elegance of the genteel key canters endow it with a truly lush majestic air whose perfect poise pirouettes with such disarming charm as it slowly unfurls and defrosts to reveal its unguarded vulnerability to then slowly fall away back into its bruised beautified shadows which all said should appeal first hand to those finding themselves perched on a teetering listening ledge with Michael Nyman at one end and Hauschka and Set Fire to Flames perched at the other.  

For more label details and ordering info go to –

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