cathode ray eyes

Well the press release boasts a darker and more brooding spectacle lurking amid the grooves of the Cathode Ray Eyes debut full length – (who be the Cathode Ray Eyes I hear you cry – why it be Ryan of the Cult of Dom Keller fame) which I must admit i’m of a mind to disagree wholeheartedly with given this reveals a lighter more playful persona than the ravaged blues gloop of CoDK. Anyhow the album is entitled ‘eyes in the melancholic palm’ via cardinal fuzz in conjunction with captcha records, there are 500 of them and they all come drilled on white vinyl. We’ve tried to pick our way through a few tracks due to time constraints and the fact that our zip / MP3 converter software is being a bit belligerent in what it chooses to open / play – believe you me we will be revisiting these in full at a later date. For now ‘grim reaper on my back’ has wormed its way into our affections and psyche – a jaw dropping star glazed mind wiring hypnotic mantra emerging from some dust ravaged haze much like a thought lost flag bearing cavalry battalion of the Spacemen 3 fan club headed up by a self-appointed preacher casting magical spells and recitals to a mesmeric backdrop of locked groove fanfares and psychotropic wooziness the likes of which taps into the very core of the black angels and brian Jonestown massacre.

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