demian castellanos

Whilst the Oscillation where still an aural adventure yet to be stumbled on, a youthful Demian Castellanos in solitude crafted ambient dreamscapes, in the absence of a wealth of effects pedals and todays computerised gimmicks he bastardised, bent and distorted the sounds emanating from his electric guitar using the most basic of aids at his disposal recording the results to four track. Until now these sonic suites have remained silently hidden away gathering dust. Until now. ‘the kyvu tapes – volume 1 (1990 -1998)’ (Kyvu being the name of the house he grew up in) gives insight into the creative mind-set of the young Castellanos and his early obsession and fascination for the aural outer margins of the psych universe. Again as with previous Cardinal Fuzz happenings about to surface we will be re-visiting this in due course for a lengthier stay though for now maintain a deep affection for the eerie pulsar shimmer of the aptly named ‘time slip’ – a quite unsettling cosmic visitation that imagines the future worlds of Wizards Tell Lies teleported to the landscapes of Wally k Daly’s ‘before the screaming starts’ by a dream machine camouflaged Tardis piloted by Sonic Boom in his EAR apparel.

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