nuria graham

must admit i’m all in favour of press releases that leave you intrigued. i say intrigued, i should say that say nothing, reveal little, put the decision firmly on your side of the table and ask you to provide the answer. case in point Nuria Graham, who we suspect you may not have heard of yet but soon will should her ‘bird eyes’ set for El Segell Del Primavera get the deserved word of mouth and media coverage. we’ve only got a download of the album for now – indeed a carefully tweaked missive has been dispatched for full surround sound hard copy enjoyment. we’ll wait and see. back to the press release though, firmly pointed in the fact that it hints at no references, one of those rare occasions where we are obliged to concede and agree for there’s no doubting that Ms Graham is possessed of an intuitive pop savvy for this set blends an intimately touching fusion of seductive soul with a lilting noir framing married to a vocal that sits somewhere on an axis with the inquisitive shyness of Harriet Wheeler of the Sunday’s at one end and the forlorn demur of Hope Sandoval at the other. An album its best to say to be experienced in quietly thoughtful moments teased away from the stresses and complications of day to day life and an unassuming gem bookkended exquisitely by the parting ‘you fall asleep so easily’ and the greeting ‘prelude’ – both just adorable, the former housed in a milky cosmicalia demurringly drizzled in sultry sophisticat auras and crystal tipped in swirls of after lights out arrest, not unlike Musetta if truth be told whilst the latter yearning dreamily over sunsetting opines traced with fragile introspection and lushly adrift as were upon drifting tides of mellowing Durutti Column like murmurs.

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