Here’s another fully paid member of Wire doing a spot of extra curricula work on the side whilst the rest of bands backs are turned. Via Great Pop Supplement’s more studious library / kraut / radiophonic off shoot Deep Distance, this is the sound of Matthew Simms holed up in his countryside studio well stocked of vintage synths and keyboards doing some nifty noodling on the Farfisa under the guise Slows. Two extended suites figure within, much like the music therein they are named ’13.56’ and ’13.05’ – denoting their running length in case you were wondering.  The release comes pressed as a limited edition 300 only heavy duty 10 inch slab of wax all housed in the now trademark (in the future a thing of record collector dreams one wouldn’t wonder) bespoke Deep Distance library sleeve. A meditative voyage is what you get for your time, each of the suites being sub divided into sub plotting mosaics with ’13.56’ piloting upon a trajectory veering ever so close into the galactic slipstream of spacemen 3 not least throughout the second phase whereupon much like a passing lunar visitation or more so a cosmically orbiting Sunday lunch time promenade band, it shimmers through along the way sprinkling all in lulling trance toned motorik murmurs before disappearing out of view and something we’d like to think that old school admirers of Metrotone will dig leaving phase 3 to extend matters a little more by adding in serenely swirled slices of lock grooving mind wiping dream machine loops. Over t’other side ’13.05’ is the lighter and more playful of the compositions that’s strangely wired upon a church like reverence, both the first and second phases of which with their hypnotic and undulating rustic cycles for all the world sounding like recording variations from a space obsessed silver age of intricate aural codes prepped by NASA boffins for transmission into the cosmic ether. Which leaves phase 3 to joyfully guide you out and back home to cold reality aboard, one would imagine from the sound of things, an astral Wurlitzer.

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