smiling disease

I’m sure we’ve got Evans to Death gubbins in the form of an email to report back to you with no doubt mentioning oodles of wonderful happenings and goings on, but can we lay or hands on the blighter, can we bugger as like. For now here’s at least one of the Evans to Death troop doing a spot of solo moonlighting under the guise Smiling Disease. ‘beach bodies – 2008 -2014’ out around now on memorials of distinction – a label whose name alone has piqued our interest and had us firing off (onto no doubt stony ears and oblivion) adoring mail missives. Anyway extremely limited – how limited – 100 copies which by our reckoning are vamoosh-ing at quick pace as I write from the imprints welcome counter. In case you weren’t aware – much like us – the cheerfully named Smiling Disease is the work of Oliver Moss who to date has sneaked out four albums worth of bedroom recordings which promise to be a melange of genre bending odysseys incorporating elements of shoegaze, trip hop, 60’s psych and ambience – this ‘best of’ so to speak includes download codes for said albums. By way of a taster this is the kaleidoscopically cooled ‘double locked’ an orbiting psych soaked tempter draped in lazy eyed reclines and west coast after burns which to these ears sounds not unlike a blissed out Avi Buffalo being refracted through lysergic  viewfinder of Animal Collective.


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