norelcomori – podcast #26

Staying with cassette related podcasts here’s another that shuffled along to pique our interest and put pay to our intended track listed listening experience for the evening. Norelco Mori – an established podcast – now up to transmission number 26 – specifically deals in tapes, the remit being ‘a penchant for dark and difficult music’ which immediately alerted us in the first place not least because they mention – I guess you could call – a musical door policy which we must admit we chuckled a tad when spying that they particularly love ‘depressing bedroom compositions’. Anyhow as advertised previously, episode 26 features an assembled cast of 9 none of whom we’ve previously heard save for Takahiro Mukai. Din open matters with an – from what we can gather – untitled cut from their rapid void released outing and freefall sublimely in the cold wave industrial spheres acutely blending what emerges sounding like a hybrid mutation brought about by the cross wiring of DNA strains of XMal Deutschland and SPK to craft something that ought to appeal first point of contact to those who bought into those Weird imprint releases. Out on magnetic purely and reputedly limited to just 40 copies, the trippy ‘ghana’ by red on for the best of it appearance traverses a lonesome cosmic trajectory whereupon bitter sweet baubles endow it with a mournful persona as it delicately wallows transmitting hopeless distress signals ghostly echoes of its past, it could to a closer and keener ear sound like a discarded suite from ‘Silent Running’ which at its close suddenly shifts gear and go all trippy and dub cosmic. Those fancying a spot of acutely lunar grooved kosmiche better don visors and space helmets for ‘heart of palm’ whereupon the cavernously monolithic tidal waves emanating within appear to be emitted from the dark half of Vangelis, this honey comes superbly studded in a bliss traced cosmicalic 70’s retro replete with pulsar vibes and the kind of impacting wide screen sheen that we here so much adored of Zombi, incidentally its by Blush. Nothing like the sound of peeling church bells, it gives an inner sense that all is well and put you in trance like peace – well it does it for us – which kind of makes cremation lily and false moniker ‘treasury painted roof’ all the more brutal and edgy for out of the serene reverie matters take to a darker path as the ominous sound of whirring drones smother out the sunny regale and in their place the dread headed arrival of gnawing unease and skin prickling fear as alien cultures screech out dictatorial mantras beneath mind wiping aural ray guns, truly uncomfortable and something that ought to delight the Kylie Minoise and Tayside mental health. Those considering themselves lucky to escaped the grasp and harrowing experience of Cremation Lily won’t be too enamoured to find that once out of one cauldron serving frying pan their immediately into another as the enter the skewed and Dadaist industrial head fuck that is ‘MGa inzpirator’ by LFA – best described as a bastardised Atari abattoir of 8 bit terrorism by way of punctuated slabs of power electronics which aside crafting a disturbing and dare I say damaged listening experience also manages to out weird and out wired the more more brutally insane elements of the tigerbeat6 back catalogue. Unease manifests is a radically different setting on the uber chilled ‘profuse, comfortless and antique’ from TVE which ought to appeal to those admiring of the less harsh though readily more petrified elements of Roadside Picnic’s back catalogue and into something that gives a whole new meaning to lo-fi given the dronal field recordings appear beneath the ferric hiss, perfect for those who tuned into the wares of Scotch Tapes. Must admit we’ve grown quite fond of ‘corrupted walls’ the selected cut from a release by Amen Call Center which unless our ears do deceive – and they don’t appears to sumptuously fuse booming drum n’ bass motifs with arid dry Tibetan mantras to create a truly monolithic of the kind that should snare in the passing John 3:16 disciples. A most welcome return for Takahiro Mukai to these pages, the second mention in as many days no less, ‘des crampes’ comes pulled from a cassette put out by the Hyle tapes imprint provides for a head swirling slice of deep mutant hypnotropic trance trimmed in a cranial mushrooming psyche binary bop pie. Amulets wrap up matters in hulking style with ‘psalm’ from his ‘old testaments’ cassette, the kind of thing if truth be told that you readily expect to greet you having passed through this life and beyond the white room given it comes adorned and draped in heavenly chorals all slipstreamed to the genuflecting arc of tributes that peel majestically to the glorious throng of dronal jubilance traced in celestial happenings, quite something else.



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