the mothmen

Something else that’ll be getting the full on love treatment is a repackaged / re-mastered re-issue of the Mothmen’s ‘pay attention’ set from 1981 – a classic fusion of post punk, abstract funk, art pop and dub that very much prefaced the coming of the likes of brilliant et al, a real sore thumb at the time and a maddening canvas of ideas and generic collisions, check out discogs for information – the set will be released on vinyl, CD and download and will be bolstered by the inclusion of six bonus cuts three of which are previously unreleased, among the set list a killer cover of ‘vegetable man’ – in fact I’m certain I’ve got one of those ultra-rare 12 inch promos of ‘show me your house and car’, will check……oh and we found excerpt samples of the album for you to check out, dig and set about rewriting the true history of inspirational post punk culture…..sometimes we are just so good to you….

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