sarah davachi

New groove from the much admired – around here anyway – Californian based cassette label Constellation Tatsu to whom missives have been fired off in order to secure download codes so that we can feature these beauties in all their full unadorned glory. First up on the inspection block Sarah Davachi whose ‘qualities of bodies permanent’ was sculptured by the utilising of old school analogue keys which ought to pique the interest of those with a fancy for mellotrons, ARPs and Rolands and has I must admit been getting approving nods around these here parts and rightly so given we suspect that those deep distance dudes ought to be taking their keen ear to this six part suite not least because its possessed of the psyche-y dronal qualities much admired by those EAR and Saddar Bazaar types with ‘geneva’ kind of found stealing our heart mainly for the fact that at any time soon I’m expecting the ghost of Nico to emerge from the thick twilight fog – it makes for an entrancing listening experience the tonalities and harmonic resonances that Ms Davachi superbly manipulates craft out swarthy head tripping mystical mosaics that spray colourful pockets of jubilance whilst all at once are equally transcendental, spiritual and head expanding and while I’m here on repeat listens really do have a feel of old school Kranky / Alphane Moon et al.

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