time moth eye

I’m sure we have spectral light and the hare and moon lovelies casually a chilling away somewhere in the shadows of our hard drive cooking up all manner of aural alchemy, the former of whom feature on this quite absorbing and alluring release by time moth eye entitled ‘grave needs’, a double disc set available in various formats that include all manner of patch sets and booklets. We’ve been entranced by one of the available teaser tracks ‘grave need’ – a most beautifully beguiling thing it is to grooved to a lost melodic tongue fermented upon centuries past seasons all harvested upon mystical folk madrigals that shadow play to the very arterial core of this green lands rich historical tapestry albeit here spell crafted upon a haunting tinder frame that darkly crows to mythical mayday rituals and a Brit Horror musicalia. http://timemotheye.bandcamp.com/album/grave-needs  


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