portopia ’81

Final part of this brief round-up of the spring season wares of Constellation Tatsu comes courtesy of the curiously named Portopia ’81 of whom sadly I have absolutely no information about save to say they / he / she appears to arc, swirl and play in the milky white cosmic clouds of distant galactic realms transmitting meditative mirages back home which we have to admit while we here are more than a tad smitten by opening cut ‘jet stream’ – a man machine cosmic flotilla with Space stickers fitted with Air dream drives which very much oozes to the purr of a 70’s retro electronic pop silver age tongue it’s ‘distant horizon’ that we  suggest you fast forward your tape settings to. For here amid the shape shifting intricacy there lies a sensitive heart pulsing away here at the core tripping out love noted pastoral kosmiche upon divinely dinked cosmic carousels which had we not known any better would have hazarded a guess was the handiwork of those spacey alchemists warm digits. http://ctatsu.bandcamp.com/album/jet-stream   


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