sea lion

We were advised by her press people to don headphones for this, ‘so delicate and beautiful’ they said and they weren’t kidding. An album due to surface sometime summer via turnstile music entitled ‘desolate stars’ this is Linn Osterberg under her Sea Lion alter ego and a teaser track by the name ‘room’. An utterly arresting experience where just for a moment time momentarily freezes and you find yourself removed from the hustle n’ bustle of life’s stresses to a sheltered safe spot to be serenely serenaded by what can only be described as a heavenly visitation. All at once tender and vulnerable and patiently poised, this tear stained beauty appears delicately reclined and draped upon the mournful canter of a sepia framed key recital over which, not so much gliding but rather more the hushed drift of a seafaring love note in a bottle advances with purring delight aglow in the dream like demur of a lost in the moment freeze framed Mazzy Star ghost light.   

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