automat / camera

Later today or more likely over the course of the next few days you’ll be regaled with words of fondness for the quartet of Bureau B releases put out on RSD15. As with last year’s tasty trio the quality is up the prices are down with these 12’s retailing at around the 8 pound mark which is refreshing given some of inflated costs of similar releases – which I hasten to add aren’t the shops adding their mark ups – to boot the releases all feature previously unreleased material (at least I think I’m right in saying that) – so well done Bureau B for actually being one of a few select labels who tune into the RSD spirit full on. Four sets this year all featuring in house face offs the first of which finds the much admired Automat sharing sides with the acclaimed Camera. Admittedly a lighter toned and dare we say playfully minded and succulent given an arabesque wrap, Automat are found contributing two tripping slices of kraut dub the first of which ‘Ahhh’ features a guest vocal appearance by Katharina Franck of Rainbirds fame who dreamily coos and navigates her way through the dissipating and swarthy dub mosaics in a most sultry allure, the structures beneath very bonged out in an almost Astralasia meets invaders of the heart type way. ‘VC1 ‘ought by rights to appeal to those of you much attuned to the wares of the Alrealon Musique imprint most notably the work of John 3:16 for here the eastern essences blended sumptuously to a mystic beading that hints at the hypno grooving of 70 Gwen Party under the watchful eye of Muslim Gauze. Over on the flip looms ‘a distant thank you’ from Camera, a slow to burn epic is I think the best way to describe this unassuming nugget whereupon in whose company don’t be too surprised if emotions weave and wane from the tearful to the rejoiced. Takes a fair old while to kick in, draped in all manner of ice sculptured ambient atmospherics and hushed haloes, there’s a tender reflective aura to the way it delicately thaws all the time slowly finding its footing whilst gathering in depth and density before emerging into full focus to step up the cosmic gears and warp drive through the galactic voids looped upon a woozily star gazed space rocking vibe that imagines some lunar outpost meeting place wherein la dusseldorf and vangelis convene to sonically choreography dystopian future worlds.

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