jack name

Continuing with the seamless links (what do you mean you didn’t realise there was one), members of emperor penguin have a small hand in the credits of this strange nugget, again another release which caught our eye and very nearly followed us out of the record emporium today this time from Jack Name who apparently can count the likes of Ariel Pink and the Oh Sees as good friends and has just released an album entitled ‘weird moons’ via castle face which we’ve had a brief dip in the result of which has found us hastily pencilling in another visit to the record store to nab a copy of as soon as the blighters open. Anyhow for now we’ve ear marked two – okay three selections for your listening delight, first of which ‘watcher talk’ has something of a glam tech shimmer to its hazy psychotropic bubble grooving that hints of t-rexian aftershocks being fed through the Of Montreal’s day-glo spin dryer while ‘lo’ is caressed with the sighing wonky soul wistfulness of Gary Wilson. All said for now the cause of repeat plays around these here parts ‘something about Glenn Goins’ is haloed in all manner of head swirling hallucinogen mirages and seafaring wooziness that at given points had us minded to spend the rest of the evening thumbing relentlessly through box loads of records in search of prized copies of J Xaverre releases and that spiffing Toshack Highway debut not re-familiarising ourselves with the grooved offerings of mirror mirror – incidentally their second mention of the day – is there something in the water we wonder. https://soundcloud.com/castle-face-1/06-watcher-talk   

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