sundays and cybele

I think we’ve been neglecting matters on the wigged out freak pop axis of late so it’s just as well that we managed to trip over this little nugget, a slab of sterling progressive psych funk wooziness which indeed aside being very bonged out and beatnik-y has all the signs of sounding as though someone somewhere has reset the clock back to 1969 which lets be truthful is no bad thing especially since ‘mystic ocean’ freewheels into the outer spheres of the ever expanding Acid Mothers sonic universe that said repeat listens have had us minded to root out our prized early career green milk from the planet orange demo discs and something which ought to appeal to those much admiring of Dungen. Incidentally before we forget it’s by Sundays and Cybele from an album entitled ‘gypsy house’ through the excellently named guruguru brain – only 250 of the blighters mind.



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