the cush

I had an inkling we’d featured these dudes in passing. Thought this deserved a bit of a mention not least for the fact that a planned vinyl release of their album ‘transcendental heatwave’ nearly hit the buffers when disagreements / delays and other such nastiness ensued with a pressing plant. Happily both the band (the Cush) and label (follyphone) have now managed to find alternatives and are now taking pre-orders for a limited 200 only first press. We’re assuming ‘distant light’ is off the set, such a sweetie rightly tagged as being ‘achingly beautiful’ and really who are we to disagree or argue for scratched beneath the smoky mellowing hymnal hush, shimmering reverb opines and sparsely hollowed delicate psych framing there’s a cool grace and majesty purring away that’s a rare thing on releases these days and it’s something of whose 70’s tweaked retro sound had us much in mind of the much missed homescience albeit in cahoots with the doleful lions and butterflies of love and found rewiring as were love noted spirituals from an old Neil Young songbook. And just in case you might be thinking one trick pony along comes ‘broken radio’ to saunter into your listening space veering on a sonic flightpath recently traversed by tokolosh whilst coolly trading in the kind of jaws agape soft kaleidoscopia that blends and fuses progian cultures and mid-west country psych – and don’t get me started on that seductive hypno-grooved snake charming riffola, in short one of the best things to have fallen into our life since the emergence of Woods.


And for those no doubt asleep at the back at the time – that previous mention…..   


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