We’ve always prided ourselves at being able to spot a nugget in the offing 10 seconds in from the start and so it was that we here were already in the throes of being suited n’ booted in our finest 60’s sci-fi threads before this next blighter scarcely had a chance to pass the 5 second mark. Just what the boogie doctor ordered, a twang-tastic b-movie adventure prowled in noir accents and possessed of an uncanny appreciation for Meek meets (Gerry) Anderson 60’s futuristic spy groove. This is Alberteen’s ‘a french connection’ – a teaser taster of the action packed happenings about to adore your turntable once their ‘miss world’ set for rhythm and noir locks onto your stylus with this babe proving to be a sub three minute riff rumbling rocket ship piloted by a secret service crew of shadowy men on a shadowy planet, brand violet and the blue giant zeta puppies types, did we mention its essential ear gear.

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