Imminent via Bella Union soon (and set to tie in with their visit to these shores wherein they will be sharing select stages with fucked up) will be the ‘pageantry suite’ EP from Toronto kaleidoscope dance dudes Doomsquad from which lead cut ‘two way mirror’ has been pulled for your listening love. In an alternative universe, this is the sound of a Stereolab who finding themselves at a career junction following the McCarthy fall out and caught in a dilemma as to whether to go kosmiche kute or swirly studio 54 – opt for the latter. But then that doesn’t really describe fully what’s afoot here for take a peak under its hood and amid the funky strut art poppified jazz jamboree there’s a cosmically attuned tropicalia retro wiring at play here that hints subtly of a Talking Heads relocated to an early 80’s Manchester for a season long sabbatical and finding themselves vibing heavily on the grooving of a certain ratio and quando quango – I could however be wrong but I doubt it.  

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