Games for May

May bank holiday weekend, Sunday 24th May to be precise, the location – the Half Moon in Putney, there will be a gathering of the psych / prog clans as both Fruits de Mer and Mega Dodo records join forces for one of the years key note diary events whereupon the venue will play host to the early summer celebration Games for May. More an occasion, perhaps an experience than a live event itself, sure there’ll be stage sets from the Past Tense, Schnauser, Mark and the Clouds, Crystal Jacqueline and the Honey Pot and a very special appearance by the legendary Tir na nOg, however purchase of an admittance ticket and attendance gets you a specially pressed 7 inch EP featuring a track from each of the aforementioned bands along with a ridiculously bulging and dare we say finances busting and generous 9 CD goodie bag – yes you read right – 9 CD’s many exclusive to this freebie. Among the heaving pile of sounds there are a handful of specially curated compilations put together by the Mega Dodo, Stylus and Headspin imprints as well as rare offerings from Cary Grace, ZX+, the Blue Giant Zeta Puppies, the Portraits and the great lost second album from Pipe (the youthful previous life of the Past Tense) along with a head expanding mixtape set put together by resident FdM platter spinner Marrs Bonfire. As though all that wasn’t enough to have you setting off on foot ready to camp out in tents decorated in psychedelic swirls and billowing from their innards strangely intoxicating mind re-arranging essences the event also affords you the chance to grab one a copy of the specially pressed ‘brev fran ederstorp’ sets from Tor Peders – only 150 of these have been made – the track listing minus the 7 inch is a one off – a 100 will be available at the gig. rarer still a chance to nab one of only 50 lathe 7’s featuring two cuts from Tir na nOg in celebration of the launch of their ‘the dark dance’ album coincidentally occurring on the night – the lathes incidentally have been lovingly pressed by 3.45 rpm who we’ll be mentioning in more detail a little later. At the event there’ll be record stalls offering vinyl fixes, signing sessions, poster sales and other such good hearted gubbins and just for those who missed our earlier mention, our earlier take on the contents of that gig 7 inch goes something like this…..


Full details for the Games for May shenanigans including booking information and various eye catching freebies we forgot to mention earlier (like the board game) can be found here…..


Staying with Fruits de Mer – news aplenty to get through – of course there’s the 3 day ’the 13th dream of Dr Sardonicus’ festival in Cardigan, Wales scheduled for early August which we’ll mention in greater detail nearer the time (again a whole host of grab bags and limited press goodies being bundled up for that showcase). More pressing though on the releases front as the track listing for the long mooted four album box extravaganza (you thought they’d never top ‘Strange Fish’) ‘Side Effects’ has been confirmed and released – as follows…..


In addition the label has outed details of their Autumn turntable collection with sevens confirmed from Nick Nicely, Vibravoid, Magic Bus and Tir na nOg.

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