o d davey

Slightly disorientating in the way it keeps shifting focus this one, avoiding any notion of song structure and seemingly terra forming sonically as it goes. Anyhow this is a track taken from the latest O D Davey set for tomlab entitled ‘catgut tape’ this track going by the name ‘honeymoon blues’ – all glitch grooved minimalist IDM bee bop that’s cutely affectionate though why i’d be buggered to tell you exactly, though if push come to shove I might be minded to offer in my defence the dinky clock working lullaby motifs and the toy room yawns going some way to ensuring guaranteed listening love around these here parts, also makes comparison in the press release to Thom Yorke though you can rest at ease that it’s much more playful and lighter in tonality so you can stop the grumpy looks as of now. https://soundcloud.com/catgut-tape

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