doc. luden looksharp

Mentioned this briefly a few weeks back, the result of which its author sent out copies on rapid despatch which I must admit having heard it in its entirety has somewhat initiated worrying looks from our hi-fi.  Now those of you with a thing for left field oddness and weird ear groove might well consider all your musical birthdays colliding at once because this is an exceptional slab of off the wall deconstructive pop. The work of Luca Collivasone, he of musical mischief makers .cranio and here found under his impishly bonkers boffin guise Doc Luden Looksharp (indeed don’t ask us – I’m only the messenger) armed with his musical morphing concrete sound generator, which by all accounts is a bastardised vintage singer sewing machine built in tribute to Italo futurist composer Luigi Russolo, he set about locking himself away for long periods in his studio bunker experimenting with effects and techniques whilst musically mangling all manner of household objects and wiring the assembled sonic body parts into the six track suite that is ‘cacophonorgy’. Across this set many familiar generic pools are dipped into, fused and cross weaved to create new off kilter sound species’ which ought to appeal to those well versed in the outer spheres of glitch trance, dub, industrial and art rock. The set opens with ‘te ves Hermosa Cagando’ whose early Cabaret Voltaire styled no wave earthbeat veers into terrains wherein a youthful PIL collide with Neu! Somewhere else the minimalist trance-tech of the dub draped ‘Go back in time kill all your parents’ is the sound of Depth Charge being industrially disfigured by 70 Gwen Party and then force fed through an Autechre shredder emerging the other like a dystopian nightmare of terminator terrorisms. In some twilight zoned parallel universe toasters and various kitchen appliances will be frazzling their fuse wires to this damaged mutant disco salvo while for us mere mortals those ever having a John Peel moment and finding themselves playing some 1919, play dead or einsturzende neubauten release at the wrong speed will be fully prepared for the schizoid happening that is ‘long eroin nympho’ (my oh my where do they get these titles from). Likewise over on the flip of the disc opener ‘I see living creatures’ utilises wiring Dadaist mind cleaning devices which for the best part freefall into the kind of frenetic head flipping territories oft enacted on wax by the mighty Atari Teenage Riot before that is the onset of all manner of manic Krafterk-ian doppelgangers come crashing the mix. Of course those of you preferring your listening delights somewhat grimly frazzled and monastically maudlin in the kind of sombre throat singing dread of say – Soriah – are minded to seek out the quite disturbing ‘motormouth’ – the less we say about the Mysterons (cue – older listener joke) the better. ‘at the mountains of madness’ wraps up matters though not before equally chilling n freaking out your listening space with a slab of eye popping and head expanding no wave-ing super noise psych discordant derangement. Not sure how many of these babies are around or where you’d manage to nab a copy though following the link below should bring you closer to ownership. And ownership you should want for aside being pressed up on bright green wax ‘cacophonorgy’ is essential ear gear for those preferring their sonic pill a little more challenging and off-piste.  

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