Moebius Story Leidecker / Gut und Irmler

Returning back to Bureau B for those errant RSD15 must have’s – next up a side each for Gut und Irmler and Moebius Story Leidecker. The former a collaborative headspace shared by Maleria’s Gudrun Gut and Faust’s Hans Joachim Irmler both found here colluding on the ominously darkly tripping 12 minute odyssey ‘sometimes less’ – a sometimes macabre mooching monolith whereupon I swear each time we’ve played it the room temperature has markedly plummeted to ice forming levels, a freakish freeform jam of sorts all brooding pulsars, dub dimples, chill trimmed subtronic noodles and disembodied ghostly whispers uttering creeping dread lullabies, certainly not the oddest thing we’ve heard all day but then again not something you are going to hurry in including on a summer party beach tape any day soon and if its references your after then we suggest you imagine a darker more weirded out sibling of the Legendary Pink Dots extended family. Over the other side a brace of cuts from MSL with two previously unreleased out takes, freewheeling amid subterranic terrains the aptly titled ‘squib’ occupies the unchartered inner spaces of sound, more about textures and sub bass density that your actual full on wow sound, that said some subtle inroads into tropicalia give you an excuse to revisit with immediate interest. The skedaddled ‘last image’ is the busier of the brace, much more playful to the point that at times you feel as though you’ve dozed off momentarily only to awake a find yourself in some strangely surreal and skittish Atari game and which to these ears sounds at times not unlike Cornelius having been let loose to cause all manner of musical mischief and mayhem in Raymond Scott electronic laboratory.  

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