p*dis spring sampler

Following on from our tripping over of that quite special O D Davey release we happened across a pretty nifty 79 track sampler – yes 79 tracks – it’s not as if we don’t have enough music to get through at present and really quite frankly this has added considerably to our wish / watch list. The latest sampler put together by p-dis – what’s that pias distribution or something – features a plethora – nay – smorgasbord of sonic loveliness from such esteemed labels as sacred bones, bureau b, bella union, western vinyl, captured tracks, editions mego and so the list goes on. Now obviously there’s nothing I’d love more than to rummage through and give each and every one a much deserved mention but we’ve got a lovely eggs platter kicking up an attention seeking tantrum and several pods / mix sets from melmoth the wanderer, jon brooks and alrealon musique to woo our listening space. First up in the affection stakes Novella whose two singles ‘land gone’ and ‘sentences’ via sinderlyn appear here in their full beautified glory, this dudes appear to excel at the kind pulse racing feel good radiant shimmer pop that Lush used to turn out at the drop of a hat with ‘sentences’ in particular pricking the earlobes mainly for the fact that it dreamily dream drifts into the kind of lushly lulling sound spaces of a thoughtful Haight Ashbury. Really has been too long since we had any Constellation groove turning on our sound space but I must admit the pairing of Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld on ‘the sun roars into view’ really is a listening treat to behold, a kind of after the storm lulls Glass-ian pastoral posy where violins and saxophones dance a seductive jig framed in the most divine Gaelic florals whilst hushed and flavoured in a trimming of regal renascence not to say within in one track invested with more drama, poise and emotion than most artists achieve over a career. Somewhere else courtesy of miasmah James Welburn’s ‘naught’ navigates the kind of apocalyptic furrows that one suspects might find an admiring home on the alrealon musique imprint for this hulking monolith comes adorned in thickening walls of dryly scalped industrial drone whilst the jazz heads and easy listening lovers among you might do well to seek out Emily Saunders’ ‘summer days’ alas only a brief excerpt but there’s enough here to suggest an genteel affinity with free design being cooed between the grooves. That said I’m suspecting that we need the quasi dub development doing their thang on our turntable sooner rather later if the brace of cuts featured here are anything to judge by and while there is the smoking cool lure of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry guest appearance on the former of the cuts its ‘wolf wolf’ featuring Lady Ann that sealed matters for us. Alas to much grumbling we here don’t have the honour of being on the profound lore records mailing list which is a shame because I’m suspecting we are missing a trick or three especially when their roster features the scare the bejeezus grimness of Bell Witch who I’d like to think are well-adjusted chaps in real life though put them behind microphones, give them guitars and other such trappings and they morph into disciples of doom concocting dark deeds and spreading legion by way of brutally macabre end of days epics. Been a fair old while since Kevin Drumm or any by the Ideal imprint appeared to worry our hi-fidelity system so it’s comforting to note that on ‘purge’ he’s lost none of his want for sonic terrorism and that ability to have your headspace re-locatted in a very uncomfortable and alien place. Now we really must get onto the royal potato family imprint – mainly for name alone they win hands down, mind you Kirk Knuffke’s ‘safety shoes’ is no slouch in the tasty department and might have once upon a time I’d like to think have emerged on the pickled egg label given its possessed of wonderfully wonky late night jazz noir smokiness that imagines a lengthy studio face off between Bablicon and the Wizards of Twiddly.  Tucked at the end of the set you’ll find a quartet of Sacred Bones gems featuring holydrug couple and blanck mass both of whom we’ve featured in passing previously so if it’s all the same with you we’ll take a gander at Cheena’s ‘did I tell you last night’ which comes ablaze in all manner of Pistol-ian power chord riffola whilst mainlining heavily on the spirit of Johnny Thunders while tagged to the end a bona fide curio from that golden year 1982 from Part 1 entitled ‘salem’ – this howling agit doom dark heart coming dragged by its hair roots from a recently resuscitated ‘funeral parade’ EP and sounding like some unholy scab picking sonic séance enacted by the tribal elders of killing joke, sex gang children and uk decay. https://soundcloud.com/pdis_inpartmaint/sets/p-dis-sampler-2015-04

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