roedilius schneider / schneider kacirek

Final one of the Bureau B quartet showcases the talents of Stefan Schneider, the subject of two collaborations – one with Hans Joachim Roedelius (which has borne both ’stunden’ and ‘tiden’) and a recently released set with Sven Kacirek entitled ‘shadows documents’. The Roedelius featured side of matters is delicately trimmed in a neo classicist grace all at once tender and fragile and chipped in a touching elegiac poise that demands undivided attention (‘dashalb’) and while ‘staubchen’ balances on a distant axis with Glass and Riley either end it’s the parting ‘offen’ that proves the gem here not least because aside its sweetly mellowing calm there’s a deliciously demurring sea breeze of oriental florals flavouring the intoxicating grooving. Electroid tonalities reduced to their merest form, minimalist earthbeat murmurs and tribalist trimmings make the Schneider / Kacirek side of releases equation a hypnotically engaging spectacle with the favoured cut of the trio being the parting ‘elements objects’ – love the way this appears to hover ever watchful revealing itself as a prowling panoramic brooding peak through a fractured viewfinder of future visions.   

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