walter tv

Spooky or what, there we were mentioning in passing Sinderlyn poppets Novella and then we get an email from their press folk (totally unrelated to the previous review) alerting us to new label happenings in the shape of Walter TV whose ‘blessed’ full length is due to drop very shortly though not before ‘neighbour’ has worked its surreally eerie handiwork. This slice of weird ear grooving, about a stalker no less, comes crookedly wired upon a woozy kaleidoscopic braiding that suggests it manifested from the fractured psyche of Syd Barrett albeit found rephrasing donovan’s ‘hurdy gurdy man’ whilst immersed in some chemical cloud, freakishly poppy and mildly trippy and disturbed it has a curious want for drifting into dreamy pastures which in truth as playful as they sound only strengthen and fortify the sheer strangeness of the blighter.   

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