a mix for thomas carnacki – Jon Brooks mix tape

Back to Ghost Box or at least Ghost Box related, now kicking ourselves senselessly for missing out on the Jon Brooks ‘music for Thomas Carnacki’ set which momentarily appeared and permanently disappeared in the blink of an eye limited as it was to just 300 copies via fleece. This soundtrack emerged as most great ideas do from tiny seeds following the contributing a backing soundtrack for a William Hodgson reading of a short story aired by Resonance FM in 2011. Norman records, who I think I’m right in saying, have a major hand in fleece, have in recent weeks managed to persuade Mr Brooks of Advisory Circle fame to assemble and curate a 50 minute Carnacki musical whodunit mix tape of scattered tuneful clues which very much detunes itself from reality for a voyage into the surreally eerie dreamscapes of horror, suspense and radiophonia. Here haunting collages traced from Brit Horror florals (weighty nods to the Hammer Horror sound studios), strange head tripping exotica (‘sound industrial no.6’ by Roger Roger) and ghostly lullabies (Dennis Farnon’s ‘through the looking glass’ being a particular favourite trimmed as it in the kind of lushly toned eerie beauty as those 70’s soundtracks that used to adorn classics Italo horrors) usher their macabre melodic enchantment on lost travellers. If we’ve got our timings and track listing right Jean Michel Lorgere’s ‘witches’ proves to be one of the sets highlights, a nightmarish lost in the woods magic mushroom bad trip though in all truth amid the abundance of rich pickings from john leach, mike Vickers, john Cameron et al nothing quite translates as such refined ethereal beauty as the show parting appearance of Catherine Lara and Jean Musy’s ‘la chapelle des grands monts’ – unreal.  https://soundcloud.com/normanrecords/carnacki-mix


Carnacki downloads can be found here –  https://cafekaput.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-thomas-carnacki


….and while you are there might be a good idea to fill your boots with these…..


Mike Vickers ‘on the brink’



Roger roger ‘coconut coast’



Paul Lewis ‘homage to Dr Jekyll’




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