And from that (Active Listener Sampler #31) following a little bit of research trawling, as you do, we came upon moonweevil who admirers of fruits de mer should be all too familiar with given they’ve graced the labels wax wares in recent times. This is Cranium Pie Rob’s idea of escapism from the weird ear day job only I’m suspecting he hasn’t quite got the hang of the escape bit of the equation for this mammoth collage takes your headspace ever further still into wiring dreamscapes wherein focus’ blur and your reference points dissolve amid shape shifting landscapes. Described in passing as best filed under rural electronics or train journey soundtracks, ‘a peculiar accumulation of particles’ was crafted and conceived in 2006, a wonderfully warped cosmidelic odyssey peppered by baroque passages and renascence fugues (some very Add N to X it ought to be said), b-movie styled sci-fi sojourns, eerie radiophonic carousels (that hint at an admiration for TV21 styled themology from the late 60’s goggle box) and kosmiche lunar pastorals which viewed in one trip translate like some rare aural artefact rescued from oblivion by those Trunk or Finders Keepers dudes while reference wise somewhat drawing the twinkle toned astral dots between Basil Kirchin and the Assembled Minds with a spot of Tangerine dropped in for added dimension.

Moonweevil - A Peculiar Accumulation Of Particles cover art

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