A talking of cuts that mooch, we suspect this next one will be doing some damage upon the coolest club floors once word gets out. Latest from Danish dark electro grooved duo Rangleklods pulled from a forthcoming ‘straitjacket’ set for tambourhinoceros records sees the strangely magnetic allure of ‘schoolgirls’ forming earworms in the psyche as its snake winding hypno groove insidiously reels you in. trimmed in minimalist murmurs and seductively shadow lined in a frost framed ice sculpturing with its milky pop mosaics caught in the vapour trails emitted by Noblesse Oblige whilst shimmered in uber cooled 80’s after glows and an oriental dinking. The track incidentally comes back dropped by a video directed by up and coming talent Jonas Bang both the song and video explore the finite line between desire and submission utilising elements of anime porn and nods to ‘lolita’.


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