flowers must die

Can’t remember exactly how we tripped over this, I’m suspecting via some trawl through band camp, more Swedish groove I’m afraid though this time emanating from the outer fringes of Scandinavia’s prided pure porcelain pop universe. From psyched out cosmic drone groovers flowers must die a limited seven inch looms large with the words essential tattooed in florescent on its hide which while we are more than a tad taken by the lead cut ‘psykjunta’ for providing what can be best described as a loop grooving 60’s lysergic pill it’s the flip cut ‘parsonligt sound’ that provides the set with its main event. It’s here that matters get weird, unhinged and a tad wasted, a freakish psychotropic jam that in truth appears to strangely inhabit the insanely crooked outer edges of a bad tripping Gong landscape and incorporates into its bonged out melee all manner of abstract jazz dialects and the kind of head tripping warping lunacy and out there sonic noodling you’d rightly expect to fly out of Jap core psych territories.

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