noblesse oblige

Now as much as I love them, on the face of things I’d have warned against what might be considered a foolhardy exercise, cover versions are a tricky business especially if you’re chosen target happens to be a track considered by many as one of the sacred cows of English psychedelia. So with that in mind we neared with guarded caution, that said Noblesse Oblige have been around long enough and in that time amassed a fair amount of kudos to suggest such an idea was not a mere fanciful folly. Much like Primal Scream’s re-trimming of ‘some velvet morning’, fresh from their appearance on that spiffing Solyst 12 inch for RSD15, Noblesse Oblige’s rephrasing of ‘Arnold Layne’ keeps the spirit and integrity of the original intact with Valerie and Sebastian adorning it with a chicly trimmed motorik Moroder mirror ball whereupon the lysergic eccentricity of the Floyd version is channelled upon a smoking psychotropic cosmic vapour trail replete with an uber cooled club floor rewire that finds itself relocated into territories once upon a time occupied by the mighty Cerrone. Bliss eh?   



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