the spectral light

Being the hapless souls we are, we’ve somehow managed to detach ourselves from relevant emails and notifications no doubt abundant and free flowing in all manner of happenings, activities and references of admiration gleaned by various scribes in the rock fraternity for the Spectral Light, we ignore them anyway – but keep that to yourselves we wouldn’t want press folks up and down the nations alleyways and avenues thinking their highfalutin hyperbole was going to waste not least as some of it really does border works of great fantasy. I digress, and so back to Spectral Light members of whom I’m sure have recently been involved with the hare and the moon – apologies to all but our typing speeds cannot keep up with the speed at which our headspace concocts reviews – mentions are coming – of that you can be rest assured. This is ‘feathers and godbones’ culled from their ‘secrets to the sea’ set for the eclectic reverb worship imprint, a beautifully coalesced discordant dream mirage much recalling those rarefied outings by glissando in so much its drizzled and haloed in an at odds noise / serene duelling to centre space face off which through the fracturing late 80’s styled NZ styled growling riff fracturing ghostly sirens emerge from the crumbling chaos purring sweetly soothed hymnal lullabies.

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