trust the wizards #38

The blue giant zeta puppies also feature on the latest trust the wizards podcast – number 38 – which aside all merriment and musings centred variously around musical happenings aplenty has a very rare appearance in the studio by yer actual Sid Snot while pressing question of the show – the most influential rock album of recent years – Husker Du’s ‘Zen Arcade’ or the Stone Roses debut, among the play listed treats the Efts do the most delightfully skewed and minimalist electro pop which had the filthy little angels and marquis cha cha imprints still been around would have no doubt be deserving of interest from the artrocker community. Somewhere else the ever prolific Stephen Jones – Babybird to the initiated though he’s long since left behind that moniker – has been releasing albums at a furious rate beneath various guises – all available on his bandcamp site – which if you were delve – and we suggest you should – may we suggest you free up a day or three – seriously – as there’s a truckload of quality ear gear there most interesting of the bunch from what we’ve heard so far are those under the Trucker alter ego – basically dreamy cosmic pop to which admirers of J Xaverre might well adore. As to the here and now the eloquently and elegantly tortured ‘wrecked’ comes adorned in a beat yourself up hollowness twinkled in reflective melancholia – it’s a struggle just getting to the end without shedding a sympathetic tear. Of course there’s barrringtone who we featured too much fanfare in earlier despatches, some rare gold from Cramps seal of approval rockabilly Wildman outsider Hasil Adkins while stealing the show, Monophona’s ‘the hill’ is a beautiful slab of darkly dinked dubtronic down tempo that imagines Portishead lost amid a fracturing bad trip whilst passing through the noir shadow lined sonic landscapes of Barry Adamson.


Here’s the link to the Stephen Jones sound page – you need this in your life believe me….

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