black aquarius

‘Black Aquarius’ – BBC Radio 4 – documentary – 60 minutes.

An archive on 4 special as Matthew Sweet discusses and explores folklore, pop culture, church and society as the hippy dream of the 60’s dies at the fall of the decade and in its place with the arrival of the 70’s the ushering in of the age of the Aquarius considered a time of renascence enlightenment. But others were drawn to its darker side, fuelled by hallucinogens, astrology, literature and the Occult where various notorious figures and groups played an integral part in everyday life and fashionable in affluent parts of London and beyond for here where the worlds of Crowley, the Golden Dawn and the Process while for the average working man popular culture fed on Wheatley, Hammer Horror and the old arts of witchcraft and Satanism (did you know that the outlawing of witchcraft still existed a mere generation before and was only taken off the statute books in 1951), here the Devil spread his influence through TV and film with the rise of Brit Horror in the shape of ‘the blood on Satan’s Claw’ and even children’s viewing held little resistance ‘the children of the stones’ with even Dr Who portraying the performing of a would be black mass in ‘the Daemons’ with a particularly demonic Richard Delgado taking his cue as the Master and if like me you were previous ignorant of the fact – the incantation spoken by Delgado was in fact ‘Mary had a little lamb’ read backwards.


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