jane weaver

‘Jane Weaver – Mission Desire’ from the album the silver globe through bird / finders keepers’

Before you all start rattling on that this is oh so yesterday – or last year if we are talking specifics, I’ll just say in my defence that yes, we occasionally (okay often) miss things, the amount of music that comes through and our oft want for going off track following never ending musical paper trails is both a blessing and a curse, to keep up with the stuff we think we should be hearing (along with the stuff we ought to be listening to) would warrant an extension of the 24 hour clock to say – a 96 hour day and the truth is the more we cover the more we get, not, I’ll hasten to add something we complain about, but of course there are always going to be casualties unless of course we opted to be like some blog sites we could name (insert money here for spoilers) whose idea of a review is to basically do a brief synopsis of the press release which let’s face it having read some in the past my only conclusion is that some press houses are either listening to a different record, wishing they were listening to another record or else have missed a trick in being a fantasy story writer or worse still a political party manifesto writer. I could however cobble together a 3D photocopier and extract multiple versions of myself, but seriously that would not be a good thing for me or society at large.

And so to Jane Weaver whose end of year lists bothering ‘the silver globe’ is being given a second lease of life as an expanded issue incorporating sister set ‘the amber light’ all packaged on the usual formats including a limited issue silver wax variant – copies of which we’ll try to nab in the not too distant future for review. For now a track from the original set which, simply put, we are infatuated by, the amorphous ‘mission desire’ – quite frankly what is there not to adore about this star gazed gem stone, oozed in desire this waltzing lunar rapture steals in traced as a softly dream weaved psychotropic mirage that imagines a more earthbound ‘Ivo’ by the Cocteau Twins loosened of its celestial mooring and seductively wrapped in the gaseous cosmic vapour trails of Stereolab’s ‘Cobras’ shimmering orbitals.




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