orphan fairytale

‘orphan fairytale – little red robin hood’

In truth the name caught our eye, beyond that we have little information other than to impart that she hails from Belgium – however we’ve been hearing good things and were most intrigued by her appearance on that aforementioned killer ‘estrogenio’ mix set by Silvia Kastel (see elsewhere). ‘little red robin hood’ – now this I could listen to forever – just adore the syncopating rhythms and the floating textures best described I suppose as imagining some idyllic sea shore located in some far flung cosmic hideaway at the very edges of our known galaxy basking in the glow of twin stars and becalmed by the shanty shimmer of alien tropical paradises. That said equal merit goes to the extended party mix ‘happy birthday / private party people……’ which for the best part of the set freefalls into the same kind of minimalist sonic interfaces as those found lurking amid the Bureau B old guard – Moebius, qluster et al, particularly enamoured by the Plone-esque moments that arrive late to the celebrations around the 19 minute mark. Somewhere else – latest musical posting ‘life is but a dream’ is just pure wyrd ear Cornelius – wonderfully skewed, skittish, sometimes deranged quite often psychotropic – Bearsuit records admirers will adore in an instant. https://soundcloud.com/orphan-fairytale    

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