sharon gal

‘Sharon Gal – voice studies – cassette release through my dance the skull records’

Staying with my dance the skull records a wee while longer, well we couldn’t leave without mentioning this, part of the same series that featured the aforementioned Silvia Kastel, this is release #19 in the labels voice studies series, ‘this side’ by Sharon Gal is quite extraordinary. That said may we suggest you turn the volume down a little for fear of having your neighbours imagining all manner of tortured brutality for Ms Gal utilises extreme levels of throat harmony, primal and atonal she crafts something both chilling and disturbing (many will be creeped out by the horrorphonic gargling groans a la ‘the grudge’) bordering primordial that at times chuckles and coos almost childlike and which by the use of cheek clicks, monastic chants and animalistic growls manages to create her own strange subterranic sound world.


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