Silvia Kastel – estrogenio mix

‘estrogenio mix – Silvia Kastel – sound cloud chill toner mix set via Ultramarine records – free to download’

Tripped across this by sheer accident given it followed the previously mentioned track (Rubik) on the sound cloud track listing, an all femme mix tape collated and compiled by Silvia Kastel head honcho over at ultramarine records all summarily frosted tipped and applied with oodles of cool cosmic chic and sent across the ethereal environs to seduce stereophonic systems and demur your listening space in all manner of psychotropic wooziness and purring chill wave, the set – just shyly exiting within the hour – features a stellar gathering of female talent and pioneers in their chosen disciplines – Delia Derbyshire, Suzanne Ciani, Pauline Oliveiros and Daphne Oram mix it up with Andrea Parker, Grimes, Zola Jesus, Orphan Fairytale and more. Quite something else.   

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