telstar sound drone

‘telestar sound drone – Jaegerklause, Berlin Jan 2014’ – free download – Danish cosmic psyche – free to download.


Maybe it’s just me, but each and every time we’ve seen fit to dive into this there’s been a sense of realities dissolving and the surroundings falling out of focus. This is the new wigged out and fried four track offering from Bad Afro head expanding dudes telstar sound drone, a quartet variously made up of members of baby woodrose, spids nogenhat and bite the bullet. A free to download set issued forth to plug the gap whilst the group put the finishing touches to their second – as yet untitled – full length due to hit the coolest stores sometime later in the year. These four cuts capture the drone ones in the flesh performing at the jaegerklause in January 2014, a truly head tripping experience of psychofied krautian star gazer grooves, vapour trailing wooziness and mind warping proportions. Best of the quartet being the zapped out ‘golden needles’ as it melts and terraforms amid interlocking and overlapping swirls of shimmering cosmic blues dissipates much like a warp factored Black Angels recalibrated and sent deep into the psych spell out there oblivions of Acid Mothers inner eye. Additional ear candy treats see a truly freaked re-tweaking of Red Crayola’s ‘hurricane fighter plane’ which to these ears sounds like a seriously fried pact forged by Suicide and Hawkwind – the danders in other words.

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