lights that change

‘lights that change – voices (ear to ear).

New slice of immaculate pop from Wales’ dream poppers lights that change, frankly this will leave you jaw dropped and tear stained in the wake of its parting fade. Out via ear to ear shortly – the very same people who brought you that quite tasty ‘revolution – the shoegaze revival’ compilation (which if I recall rightly too much sadness here – they never did send the links for – though it wouldn’t surprise me to find they have and that it’s currently buried beneath a ton of email communications). This is the adorable ‘voices’ a masterclass in emotional ache delicately threaded in the kind of atmospheric grandeur once upon a time the by word of 4AD, this darkly seductive and bruised beauty comes shimmered in the heavenly afterglow of this mortal coil all the time burning with a forlorn intensity and a consuming and tenderly statuesque last stand framing that’s carved in frosted amber. Emotionally destroying.

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