roger o’donnell and julia kent

‘Roger O’Donnell with Julia Kent – love and other tragedies (99x/100)’

An absolutely stunning study of modern classicism, beautifully expressed, touching, elegant and utterly captivating. Something we will be re-visiting more fully in future musings, this is the collaborative work pairing together the Cure’s Roger O’Donnell and Julia Kent, three years in the making, it’s a lushly toned pastoral bouquet sweetly marrying cellos and piano into a divine 9 part suite consisting of three stories – ‘tristan and isolde’, Orpheus and eurydice’ and Scheherezade’s ‘le triomphe de l’amour sur la haine’ – for now we’ve been adoring of ‘Marke’ from the Tristam and Isolde tale, a beautifully poised conversational piece each of the constituent players afforded their unique space beautifully genuflecting to the others advance whilst courted in a sweetly engaged romantic chemistry that’s delicately teased in a sun shimmered lilt of spring hued florals. Arresting in a word. Alas no sound links just yet.

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