sauna youth / monotony

‘sauna youth / monotony – split (upset the rhythm) 

Mentioned this particular release way back in the dark dim past – March as it happens – if you don’t believe us – see here, read and weep – – mind you at the time we only got to hear the monotony twin set featured on this frenetic split pairing and not the Sauna Youth side of the equation, until now that is. ‘transmitters’ is a re-imagining of the studio skulduggery pouring out of a ’79 back to the future recording party gathering together a shock wave / art pop / new wave sortie of folk among the number magazine, wire, spizz energi and the buzzcocks tuning out of communications as they jettisoned boosters embarking on a ray gunned strum gouged cosmic trip into the void with this acutely sharp and potent toxic head kick. Still can’t include sound links I’m afraid – guess you’ll have to purchase the blighter then.

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