the prams

‘the prams – sic, sad world EP (discos de kurlian)’

Just between you and me, we caught this by sheer accident finding it popping up on the sound player cued up as the track following the cut we were meant to be adoring and swooning to (which incidentally we did and were).this tasty slab of scuzzed out bubblegum pop (‘mess’) comes culled from a 100 only wax EP put out by the Barcelona based discos de kurlian imprint and is by the Prams who from what we can make out, may or may not feature Matthew and Victoria variously of secret beach and franny and zooey fame. Anyhow enough of that and back to the sounds, this babe hits all the buttons at once, quite frantically in fact all said, a kind of surf streaked fuzzy art bomb rippled and shimmied in 60’s femme harmonies and drilled with an impishly attractive lo-fi crookedness that had us here thinking it be the dot joining missing jigsaw piece between the Shaggs and Helen Love.  



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