chimney crow

‘chimney crow – teddybear and his bullet (electric phantom). 

First of three featured releases from the electric phantom stable. Welcome to the Chimney Crow’s world of disturbia with the decidedly edgy unease cast adrift by the chilling ‘teddybear and the bullet’ – pure creep out minimalist electro that reveals a weird ear soul overtly familiar with the sparsely opaque soundtracks that used to adorn the basement horror flicks of the 80’s slash / gore art house set of which most found their way elevated to cult status following the infamous video nasty censorship. ‘teddy bear….’ comes draped in the kind of bleakly flat lining apocalyptic foretelling that imagines some lost Carpenter score salvaged and recalibrated anew by a classic era Suicide here found subliminally messaging paranoia by way of an ice chilled psychotropic mantra.   

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