ostrich von nipple

‘ostrich von nipple – upright jerker (psychofon)’.

I would dare anyone to categorize or indeed describe aptly where in the world and how exactly you would both fit on the great pop spectrum and describe the weird ear freakiness of Ostrich von Nipple. Ostrich is possessed of a wayward talent, a weird ear clearly cut from the top table of the academy of disciples in awe of the Residents perpetrating the kind of outsider sounds that crookedly fuse with much aplomb the worlds of the abstract with the absurd (and of whom is occasionally assisted by Molly Harvey and Nolan Cook who both apply vocals and guitars when the need / want arises – and who are as it happens rumored to be Residents types – the plot thickens). Known to release – admittedly hugely eye catching – limited editions of their albums and singles – usually in random number sets (we’ve seen their album – their current I should add – ‘Quantifies Absurdity’ in a deluxe 33 only pressing), we’ve admittedly become quite impressively obsessed with their impish shape shifting sonics (which variously incorporate art house, sci-fi, b-movie, eastern tablas and pretty much anything you care to mention – even prog at its most loosest form as we discovered on the rather fetching ‘grumpy crustaceans’ from the ridiculously bizarre and fried ‘ostrich von nipple contemplates the universe’). As to the new album, well we must thank head honcho of electric phantom records Melody for turning our ears on to ‘upright jerker’ – a wired and zonked out subterranean dubtronic art opera skirting around the kind of strange untamed worlds that once seemed to be the sole aural playground of frank wobbly and sons which once scratched beneath of its surreal surface there’s a revealing of a smokingly funky soul beat mantra straining to jump out.


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