loud and quiet

‘loud and quiet’

We’ve always found time to grab a few passing minutes to muse through the pages of freebie music newspaper ‘loud and quiet’ – always considered it as being a cut above the rest of the gratis periodicals that litter the counters of local record emporiums. In recent days we even found time to track down their web page mainly to try and find out if a new issue was out yet – it is – issue 67 featuring Chromatics on the cover who also feature on a nifty though teasingly short mix tape with the adorable vapour trailing dream popping lovely ‘I can’t never be myself when your around’ along with that quite spiffing Sauna Youth speaker frazzler ‘transistors’ which we mentioned a little earlier in despatches as well as some cutely affectionate glitch grooved garlandia from a no doubt Grimes acolyte Holly Herdon which we suspect might be knocking soon on the doors of the lo recording or 4ad sound houses soon. All said best moment finds Anton Newcombe paired up with Soko for the simply irresistible ‘Philadelphie story’. Apparently culled from a recently released set entitled ‘musique de film imagine’ it finds Newcombe and Co paying homage to European filmmakers of the 50’s / 60’s with this dream weaved panoramic psych symphonia tripped in ghostly noir textures all purred seductively in the consuming forlorn ache of a torn and faded romance.  http://www.loudandquiet.com/2015/05/loud-and-quiet-digital-issue-67/

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