‘blacklung – black bones (sways)’.

Now for your essential daily dose of mind altering psychotropia, in truth it doesn’t get much better than this. Info is a little sketchy but I think I’m right in saying that Blacklung are duo Steven and Laurie and ‘black bones’ is the lead cut culled from a forthcoming heavy duty wax 12 inch EP due shortly out of the sways imprint entitled ‘continental baths’. This hulking slab of brooding cool emerges from lysergic mists forged from the battle scarred woozy wastelands where stood previously the combined psych battalions of brian Jonestown massacre and the black angels, dragging with it shadowy preacher blues mantras from the fabled crossroads ‘black bones’ ghosts in upon desert dry trade winds, upon its crest a howling foretelling opines rippled in looped grooving primal kraut dripped mind wiping pulsars tethered seductively upon a snake charming arabesque axis which in truth is invested in the kind of head expanding mosaics once upon a time enacted to wax by a pre e / trance variant of the shamen.  





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