‘junkboy – release the sunshine (enraptured)’. 

Culled from a forthcoming enraptured set ‘sovereign sky’, an album which has, I don’t mind admitting, been getting a fair amount of adoring glances and nods since arriving here and is primed to go under the critical eye shortly. For now though, serving as a teaser and a somewhat stop gap while we sharpen pencils this is the softly intoxicating ‘release the sunshine’. A lazy eyed lovely wistfully radiant in warming west coast vibes and dreamily drizzled in an affectionately reclining purr whose hazily glazed tingled pop artistry hints at the more demurring feel good dialects drifting from out of the back catalogue of Dennis Wilson though here impeccable phrased with a lilting easy on the ear baroque elegance of Van Dyke Parks in a studio collusion with Oddfellows Casino and something which those  much admiring of the Brigadier and Ashley Parks may do well to seek out at your earliest convenience. That said holding its own on initial album listens ‘Belo Horizonte’ is trimmed in the kind of sultry sunny soft psych dimpled latino tropicalia reclines that had us here imagining some  far flung beach party gathering of Le Mans and Moviola types cooking up and rephrasing smoky Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 salvos from yesteryear albeit as though recoded firstly by the high llamas.  http://junkboytheband.bandcamp.com/track/release-the-sunshine

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